The civil works of the reconstruction of the seven-storied sub-building of hematology center after prof. Yeolyan RoA MH and construction of functional diagnostics three-storied sub-building are completed, as well as establishment of BMT and HDC department and Stem cell laboratory has been implemented too. In the process of optimization for reliable and smooth work of the center new, modern equipment was acquired that corresponds to international standards. Other than that automatic ventilation, cooling and heating, as well as the supply of medical gases, telecommunication networks, fire alarm, nursing post signal, video surveillance systems were installed. In order to increase the seismicity of the seven floor building newest technologies were used. In the base of the building 117 rubber-metal seismic isolators were installed, which provides corresponding seismic stability (magnitude of 9). The bone marrow transplantation department is located on the 7th floor of the Hematology Center’s Hospital. Stem Cell Laboratory is located on the 3rd floor newly built, three floors building, which is the unique in the region that corresponds to international ISO and JACIE standards. To sustain the quality of the services, as well as make them fully safe and complete, the center has been provided with the modern medical equipment, being the only one in Armenia (equipment for extracorporeal photochemotherapy, CT scanner 32 slice, ultrasound scanner (with 5 probes), with puncture adapter, real-time PCR analyzer, flow cytometer, Automatic microbiological analyzer, peripheral blood stem cells and blood components collection equipment, blood components irradiation device, pure water system, analyzer of blood group and rhesus, automatic apparatus for electrophoresis with immunofixation, apparatus for extracorporeal correction homeostasis, CO2 incubator and etc.). Endoscopic Surgery Service is equipped with a modern endoscopic surgery complex, anesthesia equipment, multifunctional surgical tables, LED-type operating lights etc. With a purpose to make more comprehensive and complete BMT development program, as well as to maintain effective start of the performance, 6 doctor-specialists of the Hematology Center of Armenia were sent to one month trainings in Hamburg-Ependorf university clinic in Hamburg city, Germany. The topics of trainings were transplantation, stem cell collection, processing and storage. The official opening of the Hematology Center took place on November 8, 2016. The first bone marrow transplantation was implemented. out on April 10, 2017.