Implementation of the project monitoring and evaluation

Within the project implementation the following monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities will continue to be coordinated, supported and carried out: evaluation of the “Family medicine development” and “Hospital network optimization” components, as well as the project final evaluation and health system performance assessment.
The Ministry of Health (MOH) in close coordination with the Health Information Analytical Center (HIAC) of the National Institute of Health (NIH) will continue to monitor and evaluate the progress, outcomes and impacts of the reforms in health sector.

Final evaluation of the project

The aim of the final evaluation is to find out whether the outcomes and objectives are achieved and the goal is fulfilled. The project final evaluation describes the progress made towards the process/output, outcome and sector/impact indicators. The project impact indicators are monitored through the comprehensive set of methods based on analysis of the population health status and health care utilization indicators.
The final evaluation report gives the answers to the evaluation questions such as the project’s main inputs, main activities and outputs, project components and subcomponents implementation, project’s impact on access and utilization of health care services as well as the quality of health care services. The stakeholders of the final beneficiary assessment are: the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance, the State Health Agency, Family Medicine faculties, heads of marz and Yerevan municipality health departments, doctors, population etc.
The project’s monitoring and evaluation measuring data are collected and analyzed periodically within the project’s Components A and B.

"Family Medicine Development" component evaluation

Within the “Retraining of Family Physicians and Nurses” Subcomponent training programs’ activities were evaluated internally by the Family Medicine faculties and externally by the HealthPIU. The educational training evaluation consisted of three phase testing: the first at the beginning, another one in the middle, and the final testing by the end. Quality assessment of the training programs was based on the pre-designed questionnaire periodically completed by the doctors and nurses.

"Implementation of the Hospital Network Optimization" component evaluation

The purpose of this component is to support hospital network optimization activities and improve the quality of health care at the marz level. The improved quality of health care services provided by the beneficiary marz hospitals is assessed by patients and health personnel satisfaction surveys in project marzes. Besides, different data such as total and by departments admissions, number of X-Rays, ultrasound and laboratory examinations, have been collected on annual basis. The example of marz hospital performance indicators can be annual number of surgeries, number of surgeries by surgeon per year, patients per physician, total and per physician admissions etc. The outcome indicators are defined and calculated for further monitoring and evaluation purposes of the marz hospital network oprimization component.