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Modernization of the Artashat Medical Center of Ararat marz was completed and the official opening ceremony took place on October 28, 2018.
In the scope of the Disease prevention and control project #5222 AM Artashat Medical Center was modernized through implementation of (i) reconstruction of two hospital sub-building (the main and polyclinics, 6962 square meters in total) with transfer of all hospital services of Artashat region into the above mentioned sub-buildings; (ii) provision of secondary and some tertiary level medical equipment for the key hospital functions, including intensive and emergency care, operating theatres, central sterilization, laundry, as well as diagnostic and laboratory services; (iii) installation of three medical elevator, as well as new heaters and hot water boilers; (iv) construction of a new pumping station and reservoir with a capacity of 150 m3; (v) provision of new medical and office furniture.
The reconstructed Artashat hospital is a 130 bed multi-profile hospital with the following inpatient departments and units: Admissions, Emergency and ICU, Diagnostic department, General Internal Medicine (50 beds) and Pediatric Departments (12 beds), Surgical Department (35 beds), Obstetrics-Gynecology Department (25 beds) and Infection Diseases Department.
The reconstructed Artashat Medical Center was provided with the modern medical equipment such as Digital X-Ray Unit, Ultrasound (3 probes), Portable Ultrasound, Operating table multifunctional with orthopedic attachment, Anesthesia trolleys, Ventilators, CPAP, Defibrillators with monitor, as well as modern laboratory equipment etc.